1. Fucking Target. I went there this morning (completely oblivious of the Pulitzer chaos, which was over by the time I arrived) and they didn’t even have a SIGN for the plus section. They had a sign for maternity, and fat people got about four racks of the Ava and Viv stuff, all of which was still winter (hi, it’s almost May) and none of it was on sale and none of it was anything I wanted.

2. When I saw the Lilly Pulitzer stuff here, I went online and they had no plus-size stuff left. They don’t even have the cute Ava and Viv stuff that I wanted.

3. So I went over to Wal-Mart (I’m in the middle of Kansas, my options are limited) and their plus-size section was also tiny. No dresses. No skirts. Just horrible feeling material shirts that just felt itchy and ugly pants.

There are SO MANY fat people in Kansas. Why doesn’t anyone want my money? I want to go to a store and try on a dress or some pants. I want things in my size to go on sale once in a while. And I have giant fat legs - so no, I don’t want anything above the knee.

Sometimes I get things at Modcloth but they are $$$$$. <