My landlords take forever to get anything done, say they're going to do this and never do it and their "weeks" stretch into "months" when it comes to project timelines (oh, yeah, and they're racist and homophobic). The house needs a serious power washing and we have hardly ever asked for anything. I can be kind of an abrasive bitch and my partner was taught limited life skills by his inept parents and needs to fucking learn to deal with people so he typically deals with them (kind of bad cop, good cop).

They put in a new floor in the kitchen a month ago (don't go thinking that's fancy, the old floor was four layers of linoleum, the top layer was 30 years old) but never did the finishing (oh yeah, and he and his buddies were drinking while they did a sloppy job.... and then they hung out in our backyard drinking more fucking Budweiser, they left the cans) work. She called and left a message a few weeks ago about how they "haven't forgot about us and will be by in a couple of weeks ramble ramble." Got it, you're just ignoring us. Between then and now the handle has fallen off of the refrigerator door and the dishwasher stopped draining all the way.

So I called them since they never showed. They screen calls so I had to leave a message about how I'd expected to hear from them by now and that in addition to the floor now there's the fridge and dishwasher. She called my partner back instead of me! Sneaky bitch. So, Misfit Pushover called back, didn't even mention the dishwasher or fridge and let her ramble on about her personal life and put off coming by for another couple/few weeks! Dude, are you fucking kidding me? Cliche alert: DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?

So I called and left another message saying that he forgot to mention the dishwasher, that a few weeks was too long and that if I didn't hear from them I was going to have to call a repairman and take it off next month's rent. I don't even know if I can do that but I sure as hell am going to try. Maybe it'll get fixed correctly this time (he does everything himself while drinking beers).

They're like the kid in school who had 15 grandmothers who died, KWIM? Someone is always sick or dying or whatever. Every time and they tell us about it in great detail in order to elicit sympathy for the fact that they don't do anything, ever. How do you deal with people like this?