I had a horrible day at work, just crappy clients and a no-show (who wasn't in day care because of head lice, so I actually sort of consider that a win), come home and my 16 year old tells me he had a HUGE fight with my dad, who is an asshole, and that it felt like "they disowned each other." After talking with son for a bit I decide I'd better turn on my heat for the first time since it's going into the 30s tonight. Turn up the thermostat...

Loud boom from the cellar. I went partly down the stairs, long enough to see that the door of the furnace had blown off, there was a little smoke and a LOT of gas smell. Turned off the thermostat, opened windows and called the gas company, and then my son and I waited outside, hoping my cats weren't about to blow up.

Nothing exploded, no fire, and the gas company came out immediately, disconnected the gas line from the heater and said it was safe, but a) I still have to have windows open for a little bit to clear out the smell and it's fucking freezing and b) I'm going to have to get a repair person out. If it's a repair that'll hurt, but if it needs to be replaced I literally have no idea what I'll do. I have NO savings and NO credit. None.


So. Fuck my life.