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Fuck Nostalgia

It makes you do stupid things like think a mini reunion at the school you dropped out of would be a good idea.

"Think of the good times you had!" It says, right before it makes your only real friend in the place disappear to god knows where. It leaves you to your thoughts. Like how crap your life is right now and how unhappy you are. Because look at all these young, happy undergrads! They'll get to graduate. They'll get to have a good career.

It makes your boyfriend mad because you've been slowly sinking more and more into sadness before he came and he has no sad associations with this place like you do, and you're not up to being social with his friends.


So you go home and cry and wonder where your life has gone. Christ, you're not even old, you're only fucking 25 but doesn't it just seem like everyone has started their chosen careers now but you?
Today was supposed to be a good day.

Let's try again tomorrow.

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