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I just got back from meeting up with my friend for a drink and it was not the greatest night! Some drunk dude asked if he and his friend could buy us drinks and we declined. I used to take dudes up on this but ugh, not worth it. My friend said kindly but firmly, "Thanks, but we can buy our own drinks." We later overheard one of the guys saying, "Man, I would never turn down a drink!" Yeah, but it's never just a fucking drink and you know it, asshole. They walked away but the would continue to interject themselves into our conversation and musings on the fact that the bar was playing Jaws 2 despite our obviously cold responses. Even when I went outside with friend for her smoke break and she was talking about how she got a bruise from her puppy, I still heard this herb trying to chime in about how he also got a bruise! From a fight! Great! My friend even stuck her "Not interested sign" aka giant engagement ring in their face and one of the two started to apologize and proclaim that "It wasn't about that!" and that he was a feminist that would never think that "Females can't buy their own things." Yeah, you sound like a real feminist, male specimen! My friend had to run home and drunk man ooozed up before I could go and said, "HAHAHAHA! Do you know where I parked my car?" I responded with, "No, I don't know where your car is. Please leave me alone and walk home or get a cab." UGH. I later found out that when my friend left, she was once again approached by the same drunk dude when she walked outside. Yo, fuck OFF.


(ETA: To the MRA who shall not be named that I knee jerk dismissed and can't respond to because of how kinja changes on the daily: Yeah, the killing men stuff IS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE. And thanks for mansplanation about how I was just overreacting. This fuck off is now extended to you! Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you remove yourself from GT. Do you even Pubmed?)

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