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...and you know what? Fuck Sabrina Rubin Erdely too. They're both goddamn cowards. Dana should resign immediately and Erdely should rightly be as untouchable as Stephen Glass from now on. Either she's stunningly incompetent or she's as much of liar as Glass was. There are no other possibilities at this point and her continued, utterly inappropriate silence speaks volumes. Am I mad? Yeah, I'm fucking pissed. I don't especially enjoy having my early defense of Erdely thrown back in my face by the misogynists of the Gawkerverse who are now trolling old posts for "I told you so" opportunities, but this isn't about me. Not even close.

What Rolling Stone and Erdely have done is exploit an obviously troubled young woman for their own gain, and in the process, they've set back the conversation on rape and rape culture immeasurably. That said, this debacle has revealed a conversation that is unsavory as fuck but that we truly need to be having — whether the kid-glove, no pressure, lets-focus-on-you-and-not-the-rapist culture of victim advocacy truly serves victims, along with the cowardly approach of universities that seems to near-universally use Title IX to fuck over everyone involved to varying degrees. Maybe it's time we prioritized justice and took the adjudication of rape out of the hands of universities entirely, except in a counseling and support sense that is purely supplemental. EDIT: Just to be clear, by "support sense," I mean that I think that universities should still have the ability to expel rapists. But I still think the police should be involved as part of the process. The cycle will never, ever be broken if we continue to allow the police and prosecutors to essentially be off the hook from investigating rape claims because they happen to do a bad job so often. I just don't think that we can justify not strongly encouraging victims of rape and campus, who are vulnerable, scared, and overwhelmingly very young, not to go to police. Universities should be educating students that they should go to police right away, and a system should be put in place that guarantees a university advocate, who, with the unequivocal backing of the university, will support them through the process of legal adjudication. Ultimately, it will still be up to the victim. This way, universities cannot be accused of "mistreating the accused," as they have so easily been done, most recently by Emily Yoffe at Slate. I don't see any way around encouraging a third party to get involved. One who knows that the local university is taking the allegations very seriously and that it cannot simply be swept under the rug.


Again, I cannot stress enough: Fuck Rolling Stone, fuck Sabrina Rubin Erdely (you unbelievable coward), fuck universities and their pathological hand-wringing over donations, fuck doxxing misogynists, and fuck rapists most of all.

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