Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I honestly can't imagine what society would be like if men had to live with the everyday moments of unexpected terror most women know will be their lot in life if they aren't hermits.

Having been sick since last night and pissed because I canceled dinner with a friend in from out of town, I decided about 1/2 an hour ago that running an errand would make me feel slightly more productive, so I took my clothes to the dry cleaners.


There's a construction site at the corner nearest the dry cleaners and they've enclosed the entire sidewalk so it's like you are walking through a tunnel, but you can't see all the way through because of the corners. Usually I avoid these if there aren't tons of people around, but I'm still pretty nauseous, so wanted to go the quickest route. It's dark and I walk past a pretty big guy seemingly drunk on the corner, loudly talking on his cell phone. When I'm well into the tunnel, he said "So beautiful, what you doing tonight." Usually I politely say some pleasantry and walk on, but honestly I thought he was talking to someone on the phone. He then starts yelling, "So that's how you gonna be bitch, too good to speak" and I can hear him walking faster behind me. That's when I realize I am completely trapped. I can't cross the street and, while I am walking faster, I'm sick, sore and carrying a sizable bag of dry cleaning. He yells again, "think you so special"; then his cell phone rings and he starts talking to someone.

He probably just wanted to yell some more to my face about what a bitch I am for not wanting to talk to a drunken assohole on the street, but I was pretty scared and shaken up. And I'm pissed because it's one of those things women deal with all the time.

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