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Fuck the halls with boughs of holly

Last week, eyeing my bank balance and realizing a financial meltdown was pending, I called my financial advisor and arranged to have some money transferred from my TFSA (tax-free savings account, for non-Canadian GTers). This is essentially my emergency account, and I was getting up close and personal with emergency funding levels. So they do all the work at their end and I go about my business. I even got a transaction confirmation in the mail, dated 8 Dec "for settlement December 11", saying it's all done. But when I next check my bank balance, the money isn't in there. I know they have to sell stock to free up the cash (and I probably took a bath on it, given what the market is like in Canada, but needs must) and that can take a couple of days, but a week later, the money still isn't in there.

By today, the money STILL isn't in there, it's a week before payday and five shopping days before Xmas, and I'm wallowing in the red (thank you, overdraft protection). I had a cup of coffee to steady myself and called the bank, trying to keep the tremble out of my voice. I got a nice sympathetic young man at the other end who looked things up and said that oh yes, the money's still there, the transfer didn't get completed for some reason, but he would make sure that the money would be in my account by 7 pm tonight. I hung up the phone and burst into tears.


I was going to headline this FUCK THIS FRIDAY, but I'll be in and out all day so won't be able to check in regularly like a good FUCK IT FRIDAY host should ... but if anyone has any FUCK IT FRIDAY stories to add, especially ones related to holiday angst, please feel free.

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