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Don’t feed the trolls: it’s probably the most common refrain in online discussions, especially when dealing with misogynists in feminists conversations. The idea is that the best way to deal with sexists is to starve of them of the attention they’re so clearly desperate for. Besides, we think, why sink to their level?

But the high road is overrated. It requires silence in the face of violent misogyny, and a turn-the-other cheek mentality that society has long demanded of women. A vibrant feminist movement has ensured women don’t take injustices laying down offline—so why would we acquiesce on the Internet?


I'm 100% with Lindy and the author on this. I really, really hate the fear we've instilled in ourselves over engaging the trolls and haters. I understand and will respect the overall community's wishes, but GOD it pisses me off that it has to be this way.



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