Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck the Robertsons

Fuck these assholes. Fuck thier stupid show. Fuck thier shoving thier homophobia and bigotry down the throats of people again. Fuck thier shitty show. Fuck thier fake lives and thier inability to actually read the fucking book they claim to base thier lives off of. Fuck A&E for losing thier balls. Fuck them for once again making those of us who have real faith in The Lord Jesus Christ but don't take the Bible as fully literal , don't use it as a basis for our irrational hatrid and can still manage to function in the 21st century look like lunatics by association. Fuck the fact that we can't do much tons to stop it except to continue to not watch and not purchase. Fuck it all. So sick of these assholes. Please take your fake beards and your bigotry and go away you yuppie lying assholes. Oh fuck it all BUMBELCAT GET IN HERE WE NEED RENDING TO START!


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