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Fuck this.


Frustrations with old white men.

Remind me to never have a conservation with my father about anything ever again.

Holy fuck

He's mad about Ontario's new sexual harassment, abuse, consent education.

Apparently all is fair in the mating season.

Oh it isn't really like that

That doesn't actually happen

Look at they way they dress.

Oh they really don't mean NO.

I admit he has the personality of a rage-y light switch, it's either one or the other, and bad things only happen in movies, BUT OH MY FUCKING BRAIN.

My mother, my self and my sister in law described our experiences being harassed and he then went to ask my brother if this was actually something that happens.

"Are you seriously asking another man about this? Do you not see that this is the exact problem I described?"


Now it explains the amount of friends he has who abuse their wife and how he sees it as over reacting.

I can't seem to go on about how fucking crazy this is, eye opening, and disappointing. I'm not going to any therapy this week, but I don't think this news would come as a surprise to either of them. I always seem to be last to know.


What a frustrating day at work too. Electricity is witchcraft, because there is no logical reason why my electric cabinet isn't working. I honestly just wanted to start stabbing the damned thing and saying fuck you NPN!

I'm gonna get some McD's and watch Orange is the New Black.

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