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Fuck this.

Today has not been a good day. I Just read a press statement saying that our worthless, craven, sack of shit governor (TX) is planning an executive order to reopen businesses next week. He knows stimulus checks are supposedly going to hit soon and he wants people to go outside to spend them, public health and safety be damned. Abortions should be outlawed, but be sure to crowd up the stores to get all those easter decorations for 70 percent off! That’s necessary.

I’m so, so tired and I’m fucking angry. I live near a major outbreak point in my small city, my mom works at a grocery store and my grandfather lives with her, he’s in his 80s. Every day that I’ve left to get supplies or food I see the grocery stores, the liquor stores, packed to the gills, with parking lots crammed full of cars waaaaay down to the very last median. It doesn’t even seem to matter what time of day it is. And people go in big crowds, like both parents and multiple children, or college aged kids all clumped together. Plus all the shit that’s rattling out there about Easter services being held in person infuriates me. Your BELIEF does not supercede anyone else’s HEALTH. And, if your god wants you to ignore safety, and go out and put elderly and immune compromised people at serious risk just to pay him tribute, he’s a shit god not worth worshipping.


Thanks for letting me rant. I fucking hate the south sometimes, at least the religious and political part of it.

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