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Fuck this Friday. What about yours?

I paid a million dollars in shipping to receive something WEDNESDAY so that I would have it by today to take on a trip tomorrow. They fucked up a bunch of stuff, so I had to drive out to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere in the dark, where they could film Louisiana Chainsaw Massacre if it existed.

My friend from childhood who I've been posting about, who's been missing, was confirmed dead today. We kind of knew it but it was still a blow. He apparently skidded on some ice, his car went half into the river. He got out of the car but they don't know how he got back in the river. Maybe stumbled? Anyway, I was not close to him but I feel for the family and it was sudden and shocking and tragic to my home community. So I've been kind of an anxious mess, and when I was driving to Chainsaw Massacre I felt like I was maybe going to have panic attacks.

I just dropped my wienerdog off at my friend's house where she will stay for the weekend and she cried and acted weird and now I am a sad dog-mom. I just want her to cuddle me. I cannot believe I am going to visit humans, instead of cuddling my dog.


I had 10000000 things to accomplish tonight and I will get maybe 3 done because of my trip to the Chainsaw Massacre and I have to go on a trip and I'm just wiggggggging out. I know, I know - take a deep breath. These are not real problems, that I have.

I'm just really worked up.

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