This has been A Week. Let's send it on its way in proper form.

1. Fuck you, Piers Morgan. For someone whose job it is to talk to people, you've got some really shitty social skills.

2. Fuck you, snow. You were charming around the holidays, but you've worn out your welcome.

3. Fuck you, Girl Scout cookie boycotters. Stop picking on little girls, lest the big girls start a campaign to donate a lot of money to Planned Parenthood in your name.


4. Fuck you, Kirk Cameron. I don't hate you because you're a Christian, I hate you because you're an asshole and your new movie sounds stupid. (via Pajiba)


5. Fuck you, Raiders. Pay the women who defy the laws of physics to make you look good what they're worth. (via Salon)

6. Fuck you, Woody Allen.

7. Fuck you, ASPCA, for putting your kitty and puppy snuff commercials on Nickelodeon, you monsters. (via Persephone Magazine)


8. Fuck you, @HistoryInPics, for being really bad at history. (via Slate)