I am not in a good or bad mood - these are all neutral musings. You can use this as an open thread, if you want.

  • Fuck this rain. I know 'tis the season, and I didn't actually have plans, but it's making me lazy. Today, I need to clean my house in a heroic way. Yet all I want to do is lay around and drink coffee. I'll blame the rain.
  • I need to rebuild my social life. I got depressed and then I felt better but I was working too much and at all the wrong times and now I've alienated a lot of people I used to be close to.
  • I just ordered bras and panties online, upon doing my laundry and seeing the state of my panties. I ordered more bras because I think I have finally found The One and decided I wanted to get more colors.
  • I took on extra work for my company, which is bringing in extra money, which is great. And I like what I'm doing. The downside is that I am working a lot of hours. Starting in July, someone is going to fill in for me at my first job duty one day a week, so I can get some more done on this other job duty. I can't wait.
  • I have three back-to-back, out of state weddings this summer. Kill me now - I just hate weddings. I'm getting married, myself, and I want a wedding and I want it to be big and sparkly. Why do I hate everyone else's wedding so much? Also, my wedding will be done the way I want, I guess.
  • My mom said my aunts want to throw me a bridal shower, and she told them "I wouldn't be into that." Technically, this is true - I don't like bridal showers. But I would like my own! I told my mom that I am always ok with presents. There just can't be any stupid games.
  • My sister fell off her lofted bed in college, a month ago, and broke the shit out of her dominant arm (like, broken in three places) They have her in some sort of cast that can be removed. I have since learned she is removing the cast to go on job interviews, and my mother is encouraging it. Wouldn't we rather she heal correctly? I understand the need for a job, but my parents have enough money that she'll be ok without it. Can't they just...take advantage of their privilege and help her out?!
  • My mother is a special snowflake. She thinks veterinarians are a racket. I have been in and out of the vet with my wienerdog the past few weeks because she had dental surgery, but got some sort of skin rash after that from the monitoring thingies on her (the vet is not charging me for anything regarding these complications, BTW). My mother thinks I was tricked into getting my dog cosmetic surgery (my dog had infected teeth that needed to come out...and I can't even see the teeth anyway!).
  • TW: weight stuff in just this one paragraph:
  • I inspired my grandmother to lose a bunch of weight. She has had a variety of minor health problems (including foot surgery) that have caused some weight gain. So, after I, all motivated and bright-eyed, decided to get in shape a few months ago, she did too, and she's lost about 15 pounds, and feels great and fits in her clothes. She was like, "you inspired me!" I didn't have the heart to tell her I have totally fallen off the wagon hahaha. When work gets busy, I have so much trouble taking care of myself. I need to learn balance.
  • End TW.
  • I am doing wedding invitations for my friend and she keeps changing her mind and I'm going to murder her (I am also doing them for a GTer but that GTer is NOT this person). I do this frequently for people I care about - really, it ends up just being my wedding gift. But I never expected this particular person to be such a pain in the ass.
  • I wish someone would deliver me healthy food. I order delivery too much, and I would eat the healthier food if someone would bring it to me. I do this when I have a long day at my computer - some small comfort. On a related note, I recently discovered a pizza place (new to me but not new) that has great pizza, and will let me order online, so I have the added pleasure of minimal human contact. Win? Lose. :(
  • I'm watching True Blood for the first time, while I work. I can see why people got into it, but being in Louisiana I'm having trouble with Anna Paquin's accent. SO BAD. It's more of a mid-Texas accent, really. I guess, they are supposed to be in east LA but no one else has such a stupid accent as hers.

Sooo....how's it going, guys?