OH MY GOD THIS WEEK. I don't know if I should blame Mercury, who is apparently retrograde right now, or if this week is just out to get me, but GAH.

Virtually all of my students cancelled tutoring sessions this week. I need that money, kids!

I was offered a job, only to have the librarian have to write me back and say that she has been told she has to do an all-staff job posting. Hopes up, then dashed. Again, I need that money!

I just found out that my bestie is a) facing some pregnancy complications that b) may make her unable to attend my wedding. She is like the only person in my bridal party that gets what anxiety is and knows how to defuse situations before they make me explode. Double whammy of worry for her well-being and sadness that my MoH may not be there.


Fuck this, fuck it, fuck everything.

Bring on the cuteness? I will be huddled under the covers until it is 5 pm and I can take myself out for a glass of wine.