So tonight (because I don't float checks - who has those? - but can float the fuck outta my paypal debit card w/backup spending linked to my bank account) I have BEER. I was thoroughly enjoying this Belgian White Ale, Shiner White Wing until I went looking for reviews and found out it's going to replace my beloved Shiner Hefeweizen. NO. No bitches. No. But, ok, it's cool enough, whatever. Because I can only dig wheat beer every so often. Anyway. Moving on.

Feeling sufficiently Texan (any Shiner will do that) I decided to go all in. This is what I'm getting ready to make for dinner: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy (recipe, no affiliate links, I just love the fuck out of Amazon).

Then continuing the Texan theme I'm gonna go blow a Republican.* Because it's been a fucked up day, y'all. Fucked up beyond measure. But I love you all too much to go vote republican, and these are the sacrifices your crazy aunt will make for you.


Enjoy the hell out of your Tuesday night, and please tell us who you'll blow or what you'll eat, or you know, what you're knitting, or whatever, because this is clearly THAT kind of post.


Also, behold**:


*OK, not really. Goddamned 23 year monogamy

**NO, I did not just doxx myself, you bunch of little smartasses.