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I'm am not a "fuck this shit" poster when I'm having a bad day...but seriously, fuck this shit...

I was running late to work when I decided that the best thing to do would be to make a series of wrong turns which were intended to help me avoid traffic but only ended up getting me even more stuck in traffic. Did I mention that after spending almost an hour in traffic my bladder was about to burst? I thought about giving up and going home, but no, I wanted to be a hero and go in anyway. After getting to work really late and doing one shitty show, I lost my validated parking ticket and basically ended up paying almost all of today's earnings in parking fees.

I cried in frustration.

Fuck today. I'm done.

Please post your best fuck today gifs.

I won't be able to respond because I will be drinking copious amounts of Maker's 46, while eating McDonalds and marathoning Veronica Mars Season 1, but I will cherish every gif.


Thank you.

ETA: HOLY SHIT! You guise, that totally worked way better and faster than I thought it would. Veronica Mars saved the day, the McDonalds was gloriously greasy, I made more money than I thought I did*, I am solidly drunk, and every one of those gifs is hilarious and uplifting. I really am cherishing every goddamned one of them. THANK YOU GUYS! Now I cry from booze and joy.

I am off to go buy cookies while pretending to be a sober person. You guys rock.

*I'm still a little pissy about paying almost a third of my earnings in parking fees when it was only supposed to be one dollar...but initially I was thinking that it was going to be half or more of today's take.


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