Seriously. Fuck liaising between a billion people with differing feelings, trying to understand and sympathize with all of them so they don't freak the fuck out. Fuck living in small towns where you have to see all of these people ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Fuck this project that has been sitting on my desk for eight months, that wasn't in our strategic plan, that was cooked up by someone who doesn't even work here anymore.

Fuck it all, fuck it all!

I'm like, a week away from finishing this project. I'm the point of contact for everyone to get the information to the publisher. Sending changes to the publisher creates hurt feeling because her writer is 'a professional' (a professional who doesn't employ consistent use of the Oxford comma? Methinks not so professional!). Getting changes from my staff creates crankiness because they don't like the publisher and they regularly have to clean up her mistakes. I get it, I really do. But stop complaining to me at every turn! If you have changes, send them to me without the bitchy "I don't know where she got this information, she is so dumb" comments.

Some days, I miss retail.