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Fuck Yeah BlackMilk!

OMG I just got my BlackMilk dress, and, for real, it's amazing.

Fits perfect, may have to be tailored a bit, or I have to invest in some VERY high heels. I'm using it as a Halloween costume, because I don't know where else I could wear it. Except maybe fancy functions, which I don't go to much (Please invite me to one.)


I'm not sure what I want to be yet. I may do Angie Jolie Oscars or Angie Jolie Mr. and Mrs. Smith (But I need a guy, because why not?). The other option is Audrey Hepburn. But I have super short hair and IDK. Wouldn't work for Angie either.

Cosplayers or anyone...have thoughts? I messaged the mods at the Reddit cosplay sub, so maybe I'll luck out there. Plus consulted a friend with experience.


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