You guys, my new job (new-ish - it's been a couple of months) rocks so hard! Remember when I drove an hour each way to work and was insanely miserable? Still loved my clients but that didn't make up for the other shit like my horrible boss.

I now represent parents whose kids are in foster care for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it's because of financial limitations/inadequate housing, etc. Today I saw a very sweet and young client who got herself together in just a month (the time since the last hearing) and had every single item on her case plan checked off, including parenting classes, getting a job and staying in a stable and safe apartment. The judge thanked her for all of her efforts and then said "and I'm going to send your kids home with you." She bent over a little and just started happy-crying. I couldn't help doing it too. Her precious children, who obviously adore her, were on her lap and then the deputy took one to her chair and played with him while the judge heard arguments. Everyone in the room was so thrilled and just beaming. It was the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents!

This image is obviously not of my client and her child, but this is the level of happiness that was going on. Yay for parental rights*!

*Don't worry, the kids have their own attorneys too. In egregious cases kids are kept in foster homes or placed with relatives who go through home evaluations and background checks. But as you can imagine, there are many indigent clients who get screwed, and I'm so thrilled to be representing wonderful mothers who love their kids.