Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


*yeah I'm thanking all the things*

My insane work weeks are DONE. I rolled into work late and am now leisurely eating a sausage egg and cheese on a perfectly chewy bagel. I don't have to travel this weekend and/or party till 4 am every night*. Which means I am going to SLEEP SO HARD. Ima make mac and cheese and sleep soooo damn hard that I will drool over everything and I am PUMPED about it.

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What are you guys doing this weekend? Anybody else just so freaking thrilled the weekend is nigh?

*I understand no one "has" to stay up to 4 am. But when celebratory occasions are upon me, I find it nearly impossible to leave the party before it has finished. A blessing and a curse, I believe. Cuz I've been mad sleepy for weeks.

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