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Fuck you all, dogs are great. Even the small ones.

I really have to stop reading Kinja articles that have anything to do with dogs. I am always quickly reminded that a whole lot of people hate dogs, hate dog owners, think dogs should be banned from cities entirely, think no one who lives in a condo or apartment should be allowed to have a dog, think small dogs are horrible and people who own them should abandon them and get cats instead, and think all pit bulls are violent monsters who should be shot on sight along with their owners. Among other equally hot takes.

It makes my head hurt, especially when it comes from people I generally like. A lot of dog owners suck, absolutely. A lot of dog owners take their dogs where they don’t belong, pretend they’re support animals, don’t train them, don’t clean up after them, and just generally fail at being responsible dog owners. I hate those people too.


But claiming that no one should ever take their dog outside or that it’s “entitled” to take dogs to places where dogs are specifically allowed is just as stupid as the child-free people who pretend they’re oppressed because children are allowed out in public.

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