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Fuck You, Coworkers. [TW: Dylan Farrow Story]

Someone please save me?

I'm listening to one of my female bosses vehemently defend Woody Allen. The sentences, "I think Woody Allen is a good guy, personally. I think this girl was coached. Mia Farrow is hypocritical."

Zip empathy for Dylan Farrow. None. Not even a bat of an eye.

She's using an article from the Daily Beast as the basis of her argument because it includes court documents. Sigh. This article was written by Robert B. Weide, who directed Woody Allen: A Documentary. You know, the one that Woody Allen personally signed off on and barely dealt with the allegations at all? I'm sure he has no vested interest in defending the director. Nope. Totally objective.


I admit...I was going to do a breakdown of the article and a refutation, but I don't have the heart. It just brings up all the evil shit people said to me when I tried to have the courage to talk about my sexual assault and was told that I was "remembering incorrectly" at best, to "you're making it up - who wants to rape a fat girl?" at worst.

Fuck you, coworkers. Fuck. You.

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