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Fuck you: Fort Worth, Texas [update]

So I’m having a week of family visits. My family is...energetic. I was out and about with some of my one million cousins (of which I am the oldest by far at age 32) in this town our parents grew up in, and not 20 minutes after I leave them, driving “home” (to my other side grandparents’ house), I get a call from ringleader cousin that another one is in jail. Of course I am more preferable than our old cranky parents to come deal, so I head to the jailhouse to bail her out and they say she was visibly drunk and belligerent in public (waiting for an Uber). I don’t know or care to argue (even though I doubt what they’re saying) and I just ask what it will take to get her out. They ID me and see I am not local and give me a bunch of shit acting like I am some sort of Yankee carpet bagger from fucking Louisiana and tell me to mind my own business! Um, this is my family, Broseph. I’ll show you a Louisianian temper tantrum if you want but you are better off taking me seriously .

They said they would not release her to me because I was “visibly upset”. They breathalyzed me (I passed), but then didn’t change their minds. Even though my young fetus cousins protested I called our most easygoing uncle. They instantly offered him respect and cooperation. Ugh. Sexism? Ageism? That has to be an ism.

I have a 9 hour drive tomorrow so he relieved me of adult duty.

Of less annoyance: I couldn’t get into one bar because they thought my ID was fake (reminder: I’m 32). Then my sister couldn’t get into another because they said she was too drunk (she doesn’t drink).


Fuck Fort Worth.

Update: cousin is out with no charges. Full story is that she tripped coming out of a bar and they arrested her. All my aunts and uncles calling me this morning confused because she is least likely to be arrested of any of us. Her brother stayed all night waiting for her and they let her out when a judge got to work today. Glad she’s OK but super fucking irritated. (BTW she is of age).

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