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Fuck you Gawker. Seriously: FUCK. YOU.

It's awful to see this (Gawker shouldn't even be linking to it, it's fucking gross and offensive to the victims among other offensive reasons - clicks on the backs of gay bashing victims? Really?) but we all know this happens already. What is offending me as a gay woman more right now is the amount of OMG directed at Russia specifically over all this. This happens all over the world and in fact right in your backyard.

Sure we have laws against it, but tell the communities of POC exactly how effective the 'laws' are when it comes time to punish someone morally. Are you sure the gay victim in North America wasn't asking for it? Please. The law is enforced - or not - based on the racist/sexist/homophobic whims of whoever is wearing a uniform that day. Everyone should know that by now.


First of all, Russia is not even the worst human rights offender when it comes to lgbtq people. If anyone actually cared outside of the Olympics, they would know that. Boycott all or shut the fuck up and help out in your own community. Vacations in Jamaica anyone? Middle Eastern oil - anyone else?

Second of all, perhaps most importantly, it's really easy for straight white liberals to get all worked up over obviously offensive imagery. Call me when they start to give a shit about systemic inequality instead of declaring things acceptable the way they are because they haven't seen a brutal beating video recently. Call all the racial minorities then too, I'm sure they would also like to hear about this new revelation. Before that all this outrage feels really patronizing frankly and it's making me angry.

The vile act of Gawker in giving those near snuff films a national audience is a perfect example of this patronizing bullshit. They are so pro-gay and anti-Russia that they post and distribute video of lgbt victims being brutally beaten? Any thought at all to the social problems that cause this (you know, the same damn social problems we have here?) Give all the shits or give none, people.

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