Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have stability and hate my job and want to leave. Oh and I've declared all out war on my racist, awful co-worker. No more pretending, and I will be pointing out every time you a) suck at your job b) are awful.

The Geekboy is a different story, his job keeps laying people off. They will more than likely close soon and he needs a new job ASAP. He's a good worker has an associates and does all sorts of IT stuff that I don't understand. He's beyond frustrated and thinks he should be farther along in life than he is. I've tried explaining the concept that people at all ages are struggling to find their career niche so maybe we should focus on a job and money. Yes I'd like to see you happy but we have bills.


He also struggles with depression and all of this is not helping it. I try to help but it just gets so draining that I end up feeling sad and frustrated. Then he thinks I'm going to leave him. It's a fun cycle we're in.

So now I'm job searching for him in addition to myself. Honestly I think we might have to consider relocating. We live in NJ and there's tons of IT and computer people. Any suggestions of how to job hunt outside of your living area? I also have the horrible feeling I will not cope well in a conservative state but I'll have my imaginary friends on GT if it comes to that.

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