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Omg guys. GUYS. This is the second time in the past week that my phone has sent jibberish messages to someone via Facebook Messenger. Well, I guess partially it's my fault for somehow not having turned my phone off? Even though I thought it was off? But this has happened both times while my phone was in my pocket and OMG, EMBARRASSING. Oh, and also, fuck you FB Messenger!

The first time a random message got sent through, it was like 15 stickers to one of my classmates. Okay, so he's my classmate, whatever. I apologized and he thought it was funny. But this time, it was just a random bunch of letters to some guy from my undergrad who I haven't even spoken to since I graduated almost 2 years ago! And I've never even messaged him! I AM MORTIFIED. He thinks I'm crazy, I bet.

GAHHH, I HATE awkward situations like this -.-

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