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Fuck you returning officer

So the returning officer is in charge of the elections and counting the votes. I got elected (I had a majority of votes) and the second position went to an underdog candidate. Possibly an underdog because they have been demonstrably racist, sexist, transphobic, islamaphobic and basically just assholes to a lot of people and I wasn't super happy that they got it, but oh well that's democracy. BUT OH WAIT, turns out it wasn't democracy, because THE RETURNING OFFICER COUNTED THE VOTES WRONG, and the position should have gone to someone who is committed and wonderful and oh yeah not a raging bigot/asshole. And they are refusing to acknowledge their mistake or try to get this sorted but I am fucking fuming. This is disgusting and our collective would absolutely be 1000x better off with her being elected instead of the other person. Especially since I know with the current dude as queer officer I will be doing 90% of our work, as well as trying to comfort all the people he goes around harrassing. Guys this is so fucked up and I'm so upset, I told her she had my full support to contest the vote, but the Returning Officer is acting like a fucking child and harrassing anyone who is questioning their actions. I am probably going to break down crying at some point today.

ETA: What specifically happened is that, while there are 2 positions, 65% of the votes were only counted once, and as such had no say in who became the second officer (it is Australian style preferential voting) which is very undemocratic and silencing a lot of people's votes


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