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I'm going to be 51 in a month. I am on the Pill. For some reason, I am on the 9th day of my period this month.

I know some of you have experienced worse, but for the love of little apples, enough with the bleeding already! I feel like I need to buy stock in a tampon company. I don't think I had 9 day periods even before I went on the Pill.

Of course 9 days of bloodletting also means 9 days of migraines (actually more, since they start the week before). I went to the dentist this week because my teeth hurt. It turns out it was referred pain from my migraines.


I had a gyno appointment set in May but I missed it because I hadn't figured out the right way to use Google calender. So I have to set a new one. I want some idea how much longer this period business is going to continue. I'm ready to be done with it. Soon it will be 39 years. I am not interested in making it to 40, not that I have a choice.

/end whine

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