So, it's the middle of the night damn near everywhere, and close to it here, so I don't think I'll do a whole post about it right now... but I just got back from a workplace night out (what? we've got the day off tomorrow! We're not that hardcore) and realized how MASSIVELY fucked up the workplace gender dynamics are in the department I'm loosely attached to.

Two dudes making one woman feeling inferior, with a whole bunch of other folks one foot out the door to retirement, one woman who seems to hate the bullshit and never come into the department office... and me.

And when she, a few beers in, raised the issue, they of course laughed at her and then tried to infantalize her and get her to explain why she felt like that, "Oh, we don't do that, come on, that's bullshit. Why would you say that? Give us an example! See, we're listening!!!" She just sat there and got teary-eyed.

Of course, tipsy me got in both of their faces and told them off... thank fuck I'm leaving the department at the end of the year, because I think I just officially got myself branded as an angry ranty feminist.

I mean, old news, but, whatevs.