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Fug I Hate Talking On The Phone

Online is so much easier!

As I've said before, I work for a tech startup which is customer-facing. Literally everything you need to know about our product is found on our site. Pricing, features, even how to use third party add-ons that we don't really support (i.e. integrations with Wordpress, iframes, etc.). We're designed to be completely self-serve not just because it saves us money on having a full support team, but because it just makes more sense - me calling you and verbally telling you web addresses to examples of our product is a waste of both our time.


Needless to say, I get pretty grumpy when someone asks me to call them about things I know are easily available on our site. There are instances when something's not working right or there's an unusual circumstance when a phone call is better. But calling me to ask about basic pricing? You are not some special snowflake. There isn't a private pricing track we offer for people who call us. All I will do is point you to our pricing page. There's a FAQ at the bottom of our pricing page which, if properly utilized, would probably put me out of a job.

Feel free to email us so we can get to your query in the proper work flow - your question about using video is no more important than the email we got last night from someone else about the same thing. Don't jump the queue. We also have a chat feature on our site you're welcome to use. I can send you articles from our knowledge base as well as specific examples of what you're looking for. Don't call me unless something is broken.

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