Elizabeth Warren is smart.

"If I can't have the government I want, I won't have any government at all!" Cute little tempertantrum, government dudes. What, are you five?

Dudes and occasional repugnant dudettes, I'm sorry. Being a woman is a condition for which there is only one cure - and I doubt the ACA covers sex reassignment, either. Give us the tools to control our own fertility; I bet we'll stop having so many children we can't afford.

We might slow down on that whole unemployment thing, too - it's a lot easier to keep a job when you're only responsible for one person.

Student loan defaults? Well, I bet it's easier to pay student loan bills when there's only one mouth to feed. Just a theory. Need to test it.

The part that kills is that the shut down won't impact the asshats enacting it. And how many of them have a mistress who takes birth control on their dime, anyway?

I vote in all elections, gentlemen, and I know your names.