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Welcome To The Bitchery

Fun afternoon read!

Buzzfeed has a really nice interview with the following internet advice peeps, and I thought I’d post it over here since I think all of these writers have had questions or answers posted about/discussed in GT! (don’t ask me why the article says five when there are 6 people listed!)

Alison Green of Ask a Manager
Daniel Ortberg of Dear Prudence
Jennifer Peepas of Captain Awkward
Nicole Cliffe of Care and Feeding
Harris O’Malley of Dr. Nerdlove
Jolie Kerr of Ask a Clean Person


They are all charming people, with a lot of both entertaining/funny and genuinely wise observations about their columns and if nothing else, the article is chock full of links to a lot of their favorite or most shocking questions they’ve ever gotten asked, so it can both be a nice fun read OR a deep dive. Bonus points for anyone who wants to post their favorite question they come across while going through in the comments!


My favorite quote of the whole thing comes from Captain Awkward herself:

On a lighter note, I don’t care if single straight men ever get laid again in this life. Read books by women. Make the world safer for women. Go ask Dr. Nerdlove. Figure it out. Don’t ask me. You will not like my answer.

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