Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Fun Customer of the Day

Another customer tried to guess my race today! These guys must be going for some kind of record.

He was waiting for his freight and we were chatting a bit. After a lull he blurted out, "Are you Indian?!" (It was so loud he actually startled me.)


I said, no...? I'm Puerto Rican. And then I fucking died because he said, "Oh! Puerto Rico! That's in South America, like by Brazil!"

DEAD. I said something like, uummm... It's south, but not that south...

And then he told me this long story about how his son met an Indian woman when she was touring the Microsoft facility he works at and they started dating and her family got pissed and came up from southern California to yell at the son.


It was so funny I just can't stand it.


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