I'm starting to freak myself out about this girl.

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since we've been on a proper date. We have seen each other 3 times since then, but each encounter was brief and with lots of other people, so not a real get-to-know-you-better date. She's been really busy and hasn't had time go out. Almost all (as in all but one) of the times we've talked/seen each other in this time were initiated by me. The last we spoke was Friday when I went to see her perform again. Before that the last we spoke was Tuesday. On Friday I saw her perform talked for about two minutes afterword and she was off to something else. We hugged, she said sorry the only time I could see her was inviting myself to this performance, and then we said goodbye. I also asked if she was going to be free sometime next (this) week. She said she should be.

Basically, if I take everything at face value I don't have anything to freak myself out over, but my self-consciousness is making me afraid she is trying to fade out. Also, I don't want to be to pesky and scare her off. Since our last proper date I've probably asked if she's free (in general/at such and such time) around 4/5 times. She's always been busy. Do I wait for her to text me? I'm kind of dying here. She did say at one point to feel free to keep texting her. So I guess maybe she wants me to initiate contact because she's is to busy to think of that herself? I don't know. I kinda just want to send her an email and blatantly say I'm still interested and somehow nicely ask if she still is, but I know that would be a bad idea.

What do I do?