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Fun music for Friday afternoon!

I'm super in love with these guys - they're three dudes from Germany, of all places, who take and do really good 50s style covers of pop songs. Maybe it's just my love of random retro 50s cheesiness, but these are making me so happy.

They do everything from your random indie car commercial type songs:

To ballady versions of your cheesy pop favorites

To just delightfully perfect choices that MAKE ME FEEL WEIRD FEELINGS.

Seriously - they cover everything from Rihanna's Umbrella, to Beyonce's Crazy in Love, to Ke$ha - Tik Tok (they say Bo Diddly instead of P.Diddy!)


ETA: Oh my god I just discovered this one - This Love, Maroon 5. I think I actually like this song now? It's okay if Adam Levine isn't involved, right?

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