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Since mrchien and I ate ham today instead of turkey and we're now resisting the siren call to sleep off our quiet dinner in front of the TV I decided that a more appropriate post would be sharing this fun piece on Slate about what they call the turkey in Turkey.

Here's my favorite bit:

Let's start with the simple part: The word for turkey in Turkish is hindi.

What? OK, so what's the Hindi word for turkey?

Turns out that the word for turkey in Hindi is टर्की. And that, if you don't know Devanagari, is transcribed ṭarkī in the Latin alphabet. Which looks an awful lot like turkey again.


And it gets more fun from there! Feel free to share what turkeys are called in the languages you either speak or googled :)

And here's an image of the pig we cooked up and ate today! :D

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