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Fun Times In Interracial Dating

So my date and I decided, against both our better judgements, to go and catch a drag show tonight downtown. Weekend downtown is a hot mess of drunks and assholes galore, but we were having a pleasant night and we had fun at the drag show. But then we left the club and this exchange happens.

(Man approaching my date, who I am clearly holding hands with.)

Man: Hey, you selling anyone?

My date: What?

Man: Hey, I’m not trying to steal your girl, but are you selling?

My date, cutting him off: Yeah, you better fucking not.

Man: Oh my bad.

Man walks away.

Soooo, this is like double the racism in the worst way. My date says it’s happened before to him whenever he’s been on a date with someone of a different race. Because God forbid a Black man and an Asian woman just be a normal couple on a fucking date, not a pimp and his prostitute. I’m sure it was the sensible flats that made me look like I was for sale.


I thanked my date for not selling me into the sex trade. And he’s still mad that he was singled out as a pimp, because he was wearing a Firefly shirt.

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