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Fun Times While Canvassing

Today I canvassed for my district’s Democratic candidate for House representative. Overall it was fine, it was my first time volunteering for a campaign. I live in a very conservative area that has been written off as a given for Republicans candidates previously.

Aside from support from registered Democrats and some independents there were a few Republicans who were strong supporters and at least quite a few who would politely listen and take our flier.

Then there was this one house.

Me: Hi, I’m Piranha Plant and I’m out canvassing for Candidate’s Campaign. Have you heard of Candidate?


Man: I’ve heard of Candidate. And I don’t know what kind of crap she’s trying to pull! We don’t put up with that communist socialist crap! Get off my property and don’t any of you come back!

Me: Ok. Thanks for your time.

-Marked as “hostile”-

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