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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fun with FODMAP

Has anyone had to do the FODMAP diet?

Not to be too TMI, but I have awful IBS, and recently I decided with a nutritionist to try the FODMAP elimination diet to see if we could figure out what the hell was upsetting my stomach so much. But the thing is, you can't eat ANYTHING. You're not allowed to eat anything with gluten, soy, or lactose. You can't have garlic or onions (which are my go-to flavors! Although thank god, I did figure out you can have garlic powder and onion powder). You're not allowed to eat pretty much any fruit with a pit in it or any of the most delicious vegetables (like broccoli). So far I've been more or less surviving on oatmeal plus some brown sugar and a banana for breakfast, a hard-boiled egg and cucumber and tomato salad for lunch and chicken and rice for dinner, but when I say more or less surviving, there's an emphasis on the less. I'm starving and I miss things with flavor so much. Has anyone else had to go through this? How did you survive (and more specifically, what did you survive on)? I have another five weeks of this hell to go through.


Edit/side note: is anyone else unable to post gifs right now? I would have posted this like a day ago, but it wouldn't let me with the awesome and relevant Jennifer Lawrence gif I had in it. And there was another awesome gif I wanted to post, and Kinja wouldn't let me.

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