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Fun with Sharkies

Hey ya’ll. What’s good in your world this fine, chilly day? I wanted to share a bucket list goal that I had for this year - taking the plunge with some gracious, welcoming lemon sharks off the coast of FL. I’ve been following a bunch of charters that do this - in a very respectful, ‘this is their home - act as though you’re a guest in their place. If they come too close to comfort just gently push them away (wait...WUH?)‘ Anyhoo, it was a chilly day but when the captain anchored, we slipped into our wetsuits (Ha - not slip. They are a pain in the ASS to get on - think of Ross when he had the issue with the leather pants)

and in we went!


This one’s name is ‘Snooty’ her jaw is a little wonky but she’s a celeb in these parts. Very curious and always has a perma-smile as if she’s saying, “Oh hello there - welcome - may I get you tea? Coffee?”


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