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Fundraiser for Vyckie Garrison, founder of No Longer Quivering (an ex-quiverfull blog)

I hope this is okay; if not, please let me know and I will delete. I have no personal stake in this but have been familiar with her story and her blog (although she no longer runs it because of health problems) for years.

Anyway, Vyckie is a woman who was involved in the Quiverfull movement, married and had 7 kids despite a genetic problem that was exacerbated by the repeated pregnancies. She eventually divorced and it was very messy, with her losing most of her community support and income. In spite of her struggles (because of them?) she founded No Longer Quivering and has helped other ex-Quiverfull and -Christian Patriarchy people speak out against the spiritual abuse they suffered in those movements. Now she is a disabled woman trying to support her family and facing the potential loss of her home.

There are more details at the link. I wanted to give it a signal boost because even though I don't know her, I know her works and I hope she can stay in her home.


A link to the fundraising page:

And a link to No Longer Quivering:

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