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Fundraiser help?

A group of women from my area is headed to Haiti to provide free medical care and education for underserved folks there. Can you help?

These women are volunteer EMTs in their small community. They do this on their time off. Each women also has a day job, including one police officer and an accountant. You can visit their profile here:



They are fundraising to cover expenses for this trip, including travel, of course, but they're also expected to bring their own food as well as food for their interpreters and treats for child patients. More importantly, they need money for medical supplies: they are bringing their own, as well as extra supplies to be left with local health care providers when the group leaves.

If you're interested in helping their fundraiser, there are a couple of options:

You can do straight donations and/or you can purchase items (heads up, a lot of Christian-inspired stuff, though that's a function of the fundraising site, not the group AND there's cute non-religious stuff, too, including soaps, lotions, candles, etc.) and 40% of your purchase will go to the group's fundraising efforts. The link to donate and/or purchase is here:


They're volunteering through Community Health Initiative. If you're interested to learn more about that group, you can find them here:


Heads up: I will probably repost this a couple more times in the next couple weeks. Feel free to ignore.


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