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Fundraising for #CancerCat is happening!!! ETA: nighttime readers

It's started and she needs your help!One of our cats has breast cancer and the treatment she needs to live a longer life are expensive and could ruin our present and future. That's why I'm turning to our friends and family to get help.

Right now, I'm just set up for gofundme. I've got fundraising bracelets and some cross stitches to sell but they're not ready for direct connection to the fundraising site (ex a bracelet for a $2 donation). Once I figure out shipping rates, I may go back and get everyone's addresses to send those out.


As always, it's not necessary as a member of GT to give money to anyone. All I ask is for everyone to give it a read and do what you can whether it be a few bucks to a Facebook/twitter share and good thoughts.

I have three or so posts about this and other animal cancer topics stuck in draft but I haven't had the time or energy to complete them. And Health! Yea. as well!

I miss you GT and I miss a cat cancer free life.

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