I need help with two types of events. Fundraising and Social.

I’m part of the board for my grad programs student association. Our last board didn’t do a very good job at managing funds, and we need to raise money for social events, and to attend conferences. What are some types of fundraising that you have had success with? We are already planning to hold a bake sale, sell custom merchandise, and hold a raffle.

Second, what sort of social events would appeal to a range of people? Last year a lot of the events were geared towards younger students, and weren’t very appealing to our older students, or students who have families. Events would have to take place during the weekend, or the occasional weekday evening. We also have a 2 hour break between classes once a week that we would like to fill with small events for students. We really want to work on getting students more involved, but also keep in mind that most of us are tight on money, have families, and have to commute to school.