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Funds Started for Oregon School Shooting Victim - and Perpetrator

In Thank God For Something To Give Me Hope For Humanity News, GoFundMe campaigns have been started for the families of both students killed in Tuesday's Reynolds High School shooting - one an innocent victim, the other the perpetrator.


The fund for Emilio Hoffman, the student who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid with his life, is up to $9,645 as of this writing.

Meanwhile, a fund has been set up to help the family of Jared Padgett pay for funeral expenses, and as of this writing has raised $3,795. The two fund pages, started by people apparently unrelated to either each other or either family, each link to each other, and are full of messages of love, understanding and compassion.


I don't really have any commentary here. There's something just simultaneously devastating and heartwarming seeing a community rally around two families facing unimaginable grief when it may be more immediately gratifying to move ahead with hate and anger. At the risk of simplifying and idealizing a culture I'm not familiar with (and is already highly misunderstood), I'm reminded of the forgiveness shown by many in the Amish community in the face of more than one tragedy.


There's so much to be angry and sad about after this tragedy. But sometimes there's something to make us just a little more hopeful.

Image via The Oregonian.

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