Happy Mothers' Day (to relevant Mompersons)!

I saw an ad for something Mothers' day related at the very end of March and was in the middle of moving back to Chicago, so I didn't pay much attention to it, but I did send my mom an e-mail saying "Happy Mothers' Day" besides other news. Mom, who lives in another country, was also not paying attention, and wrote back saying "Thank you! Your dad and I are having a lovely time in <local tourist spot>" and other stuff. And then I kept seeing more Mothers' day ads and eventually realized what had happened. Meh!

Someone from a local florist was delivering flowers this morning to someone in a different apartment in my building at 7:30 am. Unfortunately, they buzzed my apartment by mistake. I was woken up by it, but my roommate responded before I could even move, so I just fell back asleep.

But instead of returning to that very deep sleep state I had been in, I returned to dreaming-stage sleep. I dreamt that my husband and I had gone shopping in some mall and at some point, maybe on the way home, I discover I'd lost my credit card. Convinced that I'd left it in some store in the mall, I insist that I want to go right back to every store I'd stopped at and check if they had my card. For some reason, my husband insists that there's no point, it's gone, and I should just get it canceled already. I keep saying there's still time, it hasn't been that long, the mall isn't closed yet. And he keeps insisting there's no point. So in my dream I'm getting increasingly pissed off with him.

At this point in the dream, I was woken up by my roommate trying to tell me something through my bedroom door. Totally, fully woken up. But I'm still mad at Mr. Diamonds.

(For those of you confused by the husband/roommate thing: Mr. D in a different city, and I'm a poor grad student, hence roommate.)