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Welcome To The Bitchery

I read a bunch in the early 2000s and today I came across a newish novel in the series.The series official name is the Arly Hanks series but should be called the Maggody series since Maggody is in the title in every novel.

Unlike the Stephanie Plum series the main character is smart. A former NY cop who moves back to rural Arkansas in a town full of Buchanons. Mrs Buchanon Buchanon is a riot very prudish, very 1950s who does not like Arly except when a murder occurs. Mrs BB also likes the minister and he her but nothing ever happens. Ana G from.Suburgatory would be perfect for this role.


Its written by Joan Hess. First book is Malice in Maggody. Read it. Unless you have. Has anyone? Any other funny mystery series? Maggody and Plum, which I am totally burnt out on, are two of the funniest.

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