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Funny things from my kid

SPACER because I realize my opening paragraph is GRODY. I’m sure you all are delicate flowers just like myself. Please do not throw up!!!






Picture it: I’m laying on the bed, husband is changing the dressings on my incision site, including cotton strings that he has to STUFF IN THE INCISION SITE WITH A LONG Q TIP SO THE FLUID IN THERE CAN DRAIN OUT. So, in short, it is gross AF. I have my eyes closed and my hand on my eyes trying to go to my happy place, because I just can’t stomach gross stuff especially if it is gross stuff attached to my own damn body, and the kiddo comes in to see what we are doing. She’s like, “Ew, that’s gross! I bet that’s why you have your eyes covered up!” “Yes,” I confirm. The Mister finishes up, and I tell her that daddy is reading the story tonight because I feel a little queasy still. “You do?” she asks. “Yep,” I say, “I’m a delicate flower.” Then, I let out a huge burp. “You’re a delicate burpy flower!” She says, then proceeds to make up a little song about the delicate burpy flower that is her mother.


Also, as we were tucking her in, she was trying to do a British accent, and was actually doing some of the vocal tics correctly! Too cute.

Also also, her and her dad went to spend some gift cards tonight and she picked out this shirt:

What is this even?

What cute shit has your spawn done today?

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